Hendrick ter Brugghen

Hendrick Jansz ter Brugghen (1588-1629) ,pintor neerlandés, y un miembro destacado de los seguidores holandeses de Caravaggio.

Christ Crowned with Thorns.1620.  
The Beheading of Saint John the Baptist.1620.

The Calling of St. Matthew.1621.

Boy Lighting a Pipe.1623.  

St Sebastian Tended by Irene and her Maid.1625.

The Annunciation.1624-25.  

The Crucifixion with the Virgin and Saint John.1624-25.

Bacchante with an Ape.1627.  




Mars Asleep.1629.

Democritus and Heraclitus.

Denis van Alsloot

Daniel or Denis van Alsloot (1570–1626) ,pintor flamenco.


Landscape with Diana and Acteon.1608. 

Winter Landscape.1610.

Winter Landscape in the Fôret de Soignes.1616.

Skating Masquerade.1620. 

Joos de Momper

Joos de Momper the Younger (1564–1635) ,pintor flamenco.  

Anthropomorphic Landscape.1600.

Landscape with Grotto.1600.  

Flemish Market and Washing Place.1620.  

A mountainous landscape with horsemen and travellers.

Anthropomorphic Landscape.

Helicon or Minerva's Visit to the Muses.

Landscape with the Temptation of Christ.

Tower of Babel.

Giovanni Lanfranco

Giovanni Lanfranco (1582-1647) ,pintor italiano.

L'arcangelo Raffaele incatena il diavolo.1610.

Rinaldo's Farewell to Armida.1614.

St Peter Healing St Agatha.1614. 

David Dragging Goliath’s Head.1615. 

La Maddalena assunta in cielo.1616.

Orco, Norandino e Lucina.1619-21.

Moses and the Messengers from Canaan.1621-24.

San Silvestro doma il dragone.1628.

Venus Playing the Harp (Allegory of Music).1630-34.

Naumachia romana.1635.

 Esequie di un imperatore romano.1636.

Auspici di un imperatore romano.1634-37.

Allocuzione di un imperatore romano.1638.

Banchetto di gladiatori.1638.

Galatea and Polyphemus.

Il trionfo di David.

Frans Snyders

Frans Snyders (1579-1657) ,pintor flamenco.

Kitchen Still-Life.1605-10.  

Pythagoras advocating vegetarianism (With Rubens).1618-20. 

Still Life with a Wine Cooler.1610-20.

Fruit Stall.1618-21. 


Concert of Birds.1630s.  

Cook with Food.1630s.  

Peasants on the Way to the Market.1630-40.  

Still life with a Swan.1640s.  


Fable of the Fox and the Heron.  

Still Life with fighting cats.  

The Fishmonger.