Pierre Mignard

Pierre Mignard (1612-1695) ,pintor francés.

The Virgin of the Grapes.1640s.

La rencontre d'Alexandre avec la reine des Amazones.1660.

Perseus and Andromeda.1679.


The Marquise de Seignelay and Two of her Sons.1691.

Time clipping Cupid's wings.1694.

Ecce Homo. 

Louis XIV á cheval,couronne par la victorie.

Pan et Syrinx.

David Teniers

David Teniers el Joven (1610-1690) ,pintor flamenco.

Guido Cagnacci

Guido Cagnacci (1601-1663) ,pintor italiano.

David Holding Goliath's Head.1650. 

La morte di Cleopatra.1658.

La morte di Cleopatra.1660.

Marta rimprovera Maria per la sua vanità.1661.

Maddalena svenuta.1663.

Il Ratto di Europa. 

Johann Heinrich Schönfeld

Johann Heinrich Schönfeld (1609-1684) , pintor alemán.

Alexander the Great before the Tomb of Achilles.1630s. 

Allegory of Time (Chronos and Eros).1630s.

Opfer an Diana.1637. 

The Rape of the Sabines.1640.

Triumph of Venus.1640-45. 

The Suicide of Dido.1655.

Der Lapidation von St Stephen.

The Flood.

Andrea Camassei

Andrea Camassei (1602–1649) ,pintor italiano.

Lupercalia feasts.1635.

The Hunt of Diana.1638-39.

The Massacre of the Niobids.1638-39.

Giovanni Benedetto Castiglione

Giovanni Benedetto Castiglione (1609–1664) ,pintor italiano.

Jacob Leading the Flocks of Laban.1632. 

The Caravan.1635. 

Meeting of Isaac and Rebecca.1640.

Omnia Vanitas.1648.


In Front of Noah's Ark.1650.

Pastoral Scene, Faun and the Shepherdess.1650.

La Maga Circe.1651. 

Christ Chasing the Moneylenders from the Temple.1645-55.

Noah's Sacrifice after the Deluge.1650-55. 

Pyrrha and Deucalion.1655. 

The Oath of Abraham’s Servant.1650-59. 

The Animals Entering Noah's Ark.1650-64.

Allegoria della Poesia.

Il Sacrificio di Noe. 


Orpheus singing to the animals.

Samson Destroying the Temple of the Philistines.

The Fable of Diogenes.

Giovanni Serodine

Giovanni Serodine (1600-1631) ,pintor italiano.

Coronation of the Virgin with Saints.1625.

Saint Margaret Resurrecting a Young Man.


Orazio Borgianni

Orazio Borgianni (1575–1616) ,pintor italiano.

The Vision of St Jerome.1600.

Saint Christopher Carrying the Infant Christ.1615.

David and Goliath. 

St. Francis dying.

The Death of Lucretia.