Hans Vredeman de Vries

Hans Vredeman de Vries (1527-1604) ,pintor neerlandés.

Architecture fantastic characters.1568.

Alchemist's Laboratory.1595. 

Allegory of salvation and sin.1596.

Cappricio of palace architecture with Figures Promenading.1596.

Palace with Musicians.1596.

L'annonceur public (with Gillis Mostaert).1598.

Lazarus before the palace of a rich man.

Familia Van Cleve

Familia de pintores flamencos:

------Joos van Cleve (1485-1540)

Altarpiece of the Lamentation (central).1520-25. 

The Suicide of Lucretia.1520-25.

The Last Judgement. 

------Hendrick van Cleve III (1525-1589)

Ideal view of a ancient seaport. 

The Construction of the Tower of Babel. 

The Tower of Babel.

View of the Vatican gardens and St Peter’s basilica.

------Maerten Van Cleve (1527 –1581)

A Flemish Household.1555-60.  

Oxen at the Butcher's.1566.

The parable of the blind.1570.

Peasant Dance in a Tavern.1581.

A winter landscape with a peasant brawl near a church. 

Giovanni Stradanus

Giovanni Stradano or Jan Van der Straet (1523-1605),pintor flamenco.

 An Alchemist's Laboratory.1557.

Vanity, Modesty and Death.1569. 

The Practioners of the Visual Arts (Cornelis Cort after Stradanus).1578.
Charity of St. Nicholas.1580. 

Illustration of Dante's Inferno.1587.
Canto 1.  

Canto 2.

Canto 3 A.

Canto 3 B.

Canto 4.

Canto 5.

Canto 6.

Canto 7.

Canto 8.

Canto 9.

Canto 12.      
Canto 13. 

Canto 16. 

Canto 17. 

Canto 18. 

Canto 20. 

Canto 22. 

Canto 23.      

Canto 25.

Canto 28.

Canto 30.    

Canto 30. Canto 30. Canto 31. 

Canto 33 A.

Canto 33 B.

Canto 34.

Americae Rectetio (Adriaen Collaert, based on Stradanus).1589.

      Allegory of Vesucci's voyage to America.

     Columbus and Vespucci, discoverers of America.

Odysseus in the Cave of the Winds.1590s. 

Death of a Just Man (Carel van Mallery After Stradanus).