Thomas Couture

Thomas Couture,(1815-1879),pintor francés.

L'Amour de l'Or.1844. 

Les Romains de la décadence.1847.

Pierrot the Politician.1857. 

The Duel after the Masked Ball.1857.

Pierrot in Criminal Court.1863.

The Realist.1865. 


La Courtisane modern.1873. 

L'Enrolement des Volontaires in 1792.

Theodore Chasseriau

Théodore Chassériau,( 1819-1856),pintor francés.

 Andromeda Chained to the Rock by the Nereids.1840. 

Sappho Leaping into the Sea from the Leucadian Promontory.1840. 

The Toilet of Esther.1841.

Apollo and Daphne.1845.

Arab Horsemen Carrying Away their Dead.1850.

Orientalist Interior.1850-52. 

Chefs de tribus arabes se defiant au combat singulier.1852.

Tepidarium de Pompei.1853.

Macbeth.The ghost of Banquo.1854.

La Défense des Gaules.1855. 

Macbeth and Banquo meeting the witches on the heath.1855.

Combat de cavaliers arabes.

Scéne de bataille - guerrier gaulois á cheval.

Pascal Dagnan Bouveret

Pascal-Adolphe-Jean Dagnan-Bouveret, (1852-1929),pintor francés.

The Accident.1879. 

In the Stable.1883. 

Hamlet et les Fossoyeurs.1884.

Horses at the Watering Trough.1884. 

The Pardon in Brittany.1886.

Les Bretonnes au pardon.1887. 

Les Conscrits.1889.

In The Forest.1892.

Consolatrix Afflictorum.

The Lament of Orpheus.

Edwin Longsden Long

Edwin Longsden Long, (1829-1891),pintor británico.

The Babylonian Marriage Market.1875.

An Egyptian Feast.1877.

Anno Domini (Flight into Egypt).1883.

Love's Labour Lost.1885. 

The Finding of Moses.1886.

The Eastern Favorite.

John William Godward

John William Godward (1861-1922),pintor inglés.

Waiting for an Answer.1889.                   Priestess.1893.

Erato at her lyre.1895. 

Campaspe.1896.                                 Venus Binding her Hair.1897.

The Delphic Oracle.1899.      Ionian Dancing Girl.1902.

Athenais.1908.                               In the Tepidarium.1913.

Frank Dickse

Frank Bernard Dicksee (1853- 1928),pintor inglés.

Romeo and Juliet.1876.


The Symbol Is it Nothing to You, All Ye That Pass By.1890. 

The Funeral of a Viking.1893.

The Magic Crystal.1894.


The Two Crowns.1900. 

La Belle Dame Sans Merci.1902.

Dawn.                            The emblem.