Agostino Veneziano

Agostino de' Musi(1490-1540) ,pintor italiano.

Apollo e Daphne.1515.

Allegory of Death and Fame.1517.

(After Raphael)

Tarquinio e Lucrezia.1524.

Lo Stregozzo.1520-27.
(and/or Marcantonio Raimondi )

Leda and the Swan.1515-30.
(and/or Giulio Campagnola)


Scena di battaglia.1531.
(After Giulio Romano)

The Climbers.(After Michelangelo).

The Way to Cavalry.

Antonio da Correggio

Antonio Allegri da Correggio(1489-1534) ,pintor italiano.

San Girolamo.1516-17.

The Holy Family with Saint Jerome.1517-19.


Venus with Mercury and Cupid.1522.

Martirio dei quattro Santi.1524.

Venus, Cupid and a satyr.1528.

Allegory of Vices.1525-30.

Allegory of Virtues.1525-30.


Ganymede.1531-32.                      Jupiter and Io.1531-32.

Leda and the Swan.1532.

Geertgen tot Sint Jans

Geertgen tot Sint Jans (1465-1495) ,pintor holandés.
also known as Geertgen van Haarlem.

The raising of Lazarus.1480s.

The Tree of Jesse.1480s.

Fate of the Earthly Remains of St. John the Baptist.1484.

Lamentation over the Dead Christ.1484.

Man of Sorrows.1486.

Birth of Jesus.1490.

John the Baptist in the Wilderness.1490.

St Bavo with falcon.1490.

The Glorification of Mary.1490-95.

The Holy Kinship.1485-96.

The Crucifixion with St Jerome and St Dominic.

Leonardo da Vinci

Leonardo di ser Piero da Vinci (1452-1519) ,pintor italiano.

The Vitruvian Man.1485.

Virgin of the Rocks.1483-85.

Grotesque Heads.1490.

Lady with an Ermine.1490.

Madonna Litta.1490.

La belle ferronnière.1490-96.

The Last Supper.1495-98.

Mona Lisa or La Gioconda.1503-05.

The Battle of Anghiari.1505.
(Copy by Peter Paul Rubens 1603).

Study for the Head of Leda.1505-07.

Head of a Woman or La Scapigliata.1508.

Leda and the Swan.1505-10.

The Virgin and Child with St. Anne.1510.


Self-portrait in red chalk.1512-15.

Allegory with wolf and eagle.1516.