Hermanos Zuccari

--Taddeo Zuccari (1529-1566),pintor italiano.

Conversione di San Paolo.

Sala dei Fasti Farnesiani:
1.-Alessandro Farnese incontra Carlo V.

2.-Carlo V e Ottavio.

3.-Scena di battaglia.

4.-Entrata di Francesco I, Carlo V e Alessandro Farnese a Parigi.

--Federico Zuccari (1540/41-1609) ,pintor italiano.

Porta Virtutis.1581.

Landscape with Hunters and Ideal View of Florence.

The punishment of the Avaricious.

The punishment of the Lustful.

The Punishment of the Furious.

The punishment of the Proud. 

Santi di Tito

Santi di Tito (1536-1603) ,pintor italiano.

Allegory of the State.1570. 

Crossing Red Sea.1571. 

Sisters of Phaeton.1572.

Vision of St Thomas Aquinas.1593. 


Girolamo Macchietti

Girolamo di Francesco di Mariotto Macchietti (1535-1592) ,pintor italiano.

Baths at Pozzuoli.1570-73. 

Medea and Jason.1570-73. 

Allegory of Prudence.

Mirabello Cavalori

Mirabello d'Antonio di Pacino Cavalori, (1535-1572) ,pintor italiano.

Wool Factory.1570-72.

Martyrdom of Santa Christina (with Girolamo Macchietti).

Familia Valkenborch

Lucas van Valkenborch (1535-1597) ,pintor flamenco.

Kaiser Matthias.1580.

Landscape in Summer.1585.

The Massacre of the Innocents.1586.

View of Antwerp with the Frozen Schelde.1590.

Tower of Babel.1594.

Tower of Babel.1595.

--Marten van Valckenborch (1535-1612) ,hermano de Lucas.

Tower of Babel.1600.

Semiramis to the city of Babylon.

--Frederik van Valckenborch (1566-1623) ,hijo de Marten.

A Mountainous River Landscape.

The Fire of Troy.

--Gillis van Valckenborch (1570-1622) ,hijo de Marten.

Fire in a Village.

Fire in a Village with Tavern.

The reconciliation between the Romans and the Sabines.

Tower of Babel.

Pieter Balten

Pieter Balten (1529-1584) ,pintor flamenco.

The world has big fools.1600.

Een opvoering van de klucht 'Een cluyte van Plaeyerwater'.

St. Martin's Feast.

The feast of Saint George with theatre and procession.

The Kermesse of archers.

Gillis Mostaert

Gillis Mostaert (1528-1598) ,pintor holandés.

Scene of War and Fire.1569.

Allegory on Worldly and Ecclesiastical Abuses.1575.

L'annonceur public (with Hans Vredeman De Vries).1598.

Landscape with The Flight into Egypt.

Village Feast.

Maso da San Friano

Tommaso d'Antonio Manzuoli  (1532-1571) ,pintor italiano.

The diamond mines.1570-71


Rinaldo Mantovano

Rinaldo Mantovano (1527-1539) ,pintor italiano.

Zephyr Blowing Psyche over the Sea.1527.

Federico Barocci

Federico Barocci(1526-1612) ,pintor italiano.

Deposizione dalla Croce.1569. 

Madonna del Popolo.1579.

The Last Supper.1580. 

Aeneas' Flight from Troy.1598.


Christ on the Cross.1604.

The Martyrdom of San Vitale.