Giovanni Lanfranco

Giovanni Lanfranco (1582-1647) ,pintor italiano.

L'arcangelo Raffaele incatena il diavolo.1610.

Rinaldo's Farewell to Armida.1614.

St Peter Healing St Agatha.1614. 

David Dragging Goliath’s Head.1615. 

La Maddalena assunta in cielo.1616.

Orco, Norandino e Lucina.1619-21.

Moses and the Messengers from Canaan.1621-24.

San Silvestro doma il dragone.1628.

Venus Playing the Harp (Allegory of Music).1630-34.

Naumachia romana.1635.

 Esequie di un imperatore romano.1636.

Auspici di un imperatore romano.1634-37.

Allocuzione di un imperatore romano.1638.

Banchetto di gladiatori.1638.

Galatea and Polyphemus.

Il trionfo di David.

Frans Snyders

Frans Snyders (1579-1657) ,pintor flamenco.

Kitchen Still-Life.1605-10.  

Pythagoras advocating vegetarianism (With Rubens).1618-20. 

Still Life with a Wine Cooler.1610-20.

Fruit Stall.1618-21. 


Concert of Birds.1630s.  

Cook with Food.1630s.  

Peasants on the Way to the Market.1630-40.  

Still life with a Swan.1640s.  


Fable of the Fox and the Heron.  

Still Life with fighting cats.  

The Fishmonger.



Domenico Zampieri, "Domenichino" (1581-1641) ,pintor italiano.

A Virgin with a Unicorn.1602.

Landscape with Ford.1603.  

The Cumaean Sibyll.1610.

The Way to Calvary.1610.

St. Cecilia Distributing Alms.1612-15.

Diana and her Nymphs.1616-17.

Assassination of St. Peter Martyr.1618-20.

Portrait of Giovanni Battista Agucch.1621.

Landscape with boatman and fisherman.