Abraham van Diepenbeeck

Abraham van Diepenbeeck (1596-1675) ,pintor neerlandés.

Hunting for a Tiger and a Leopard .1660s.

Lion Hunting .1660s.

Clélie passant le Tibre.1675.

Jacob van Campen

Jacob van Campen (1596-1657) ,pintor barroco holandés.

Hermes lulling Argus to Sleep.1635.

Hercules defeated the Centaurs.

Hercules gets Cerberus from the underworld.

The Last Judgment. 

Gerrit van Honthorst

Gerrit van Honthorst (1590-1656) ,pintor flamenco.

Christ before the High Priest.1617. 

The Mocking of Christ.1617. 

Supper Party.1619.

Childhood of Christ.1620.

Christ Crowned with Thorns.1620.

The Incredulity of St Thomas.1620. 

Samson and Delilah.1621. 

De doornenkroning van Christus.1622.

The Dentist.1622. 

Merry Company.1623.

Saint Sebastian.1623.

The Merry Fiddler.1623. 

Solon and Croesus.1624.

The Concert.1624.

The Denial of St Peter.1622-24.

The Happy Violinist with a Glass of Wine.1624.

Granida and Daifilo.1625.

The Death of Seneca.1625.

The Procuress.1625.

Apollo and Diana.1628. 

The Tooth Puller.1628. 

The Concert.1626-30. 

The Flea Hunt.1630.

The four eldest children of the Queen of Bohemia.1631.

Fluitspelende herder en vier nimfen.1632.

Diana Resting After The Hunt .

King Charles I.

St Jerome.

Susanna and the Elders. 

Woman with viola da gamba.

Sisto Badalocchio

Sisto Badalocchio Rosa (1581-1647) ,pintor italiano.

Christ carried to the Tomb.1609. 

Susanna and the Elders.1609.

The Entombment of Christ.1610.

St Francis of Assisi consoled by Angels.1610-13. 

Entombment of Christ. 

Pan offrant une toison a Diane. 

Alessandro Tiarini

Alessandro Tiarini (1577-1668) ,pintor italiano.

Armida che tenta di uccidersi con un dardo.

Tamar e i messi di Giuda.

The burning of Troy.

Vulcano fabbrica le frecce ad Amore.

Louis Finson

Louis Finson (1580-1617) ,pintor flamenco.

Allegory of the Four Elements.1611. 

Adam and Eve.

David with the head of Goliath.

Judith with the head of Holofernes.

Saint Sebastian.

Venus With Cupid And Lovers In The Background .