Abel Grimmer

Abel Grimmer (1570-1618/19), pintor flamenco.  

Carrying the Cross.1593.  

The Marketplace in Bergen op Zoom.1590-97.

The Four Seasons.1607.  
       01 Spring.

       02 Summer.

       03 Autumn.

       04 Winter.  

Saints peter and paul at the beautiful gate of the temple.

The Month of February.

Tower of Babel.  

Joseph Heintz

-------Joseph Heintz the Elder (1564-1609) ,pintor suizo-alemán.

Diana and Acteon.1590s.

The Fall of Phaeton.1596.  

Salome with the head of John Baptist.1600-05.
(After a painting by Lucas Cranach the Elder)

The Rape of Proserpina.1598-1605. 

-------Joseph Heintz The Younger (1600-1678) ,pintor alemán.

Pluto comes from Tartarus.1640.

Allegory of the Apocalypse.1674. 

Imaginary Scene with Venetian Buildings.1670-75.

A Venetian scene with figures on the Riva at Ascension Day.

Piazza San Marco at Carnival Time.

Vanitas, or Allegory of Love.


Hendrik Cornelisz Vroom

Hendrik Cornelisz Vroom (1562-1640) ,pintor holandés.

Dutch ships ramming Spanish galleys off the English coast 1602.1617.

View of Hoorn (Netherlands).1622.

A Castle with a Ship Sailing Nearby.1626.

The Arrival at Vlissingen of the Elector Palatinate Frederick V.1632. 


Jacob de Gheyn II

Jacob de Gheyn II (1565-1629) ,pintor holandés.

Two misers and Death.1595.

Virtues and Vices.1596-97.  
        01 Fortune.  

        04 Envy 

Vanitas Still Life.1603.

Venus and Cupid.1605-10. 

Neptune and Amphitrite.


Tobias Verhaecht

Tobias Verhaecht (1561 – 1631) ,pintor y dibujante flamenco.
Landscape with St John the Evangelist at Patmos.1598.  

Mountainous Landscape with Venus and Adonis.1600.  

Alpine Landscape.1600-15. 

Mountainous River Landscape.


Orpheus Returning from the Underworld.  

The Tower of Babel.

The Tower of Babel.(with Jan Brueghel the Elder).


Lodovico Cigoli

Lodovico Cardi "Cigoli" (1559-1613) ,pintor italiano.


The dream of Jacob.1592. 

St Francis Receives the Stigmata.1596.

Martirio di Santo Stefano.1597.  

L'assedio di Gerusalemme.1590-1600. 

The Deposition from the Cross.1600.


Ecce Homo.1607.

Lucifer (Cornelis Galle after Cigoli).

Hendrick Goltzius

Hendrick Goltzius (1558-1617) ,pintor holandés.  

Hercules killing Cacus.1588.

Four Disgracers.-Phaethon.1588.  

Cadmus slaying the Dragon.1589-90.  

Ovid's Metamorphoses (58 plates) .1589-90.
      02 Prometheus creating man.

      09 Lycaon Changed into a Wolf.

      13 Apollo Slaying the Python. 

     14 Daphne Changed into a Laurel Tree.

     34 Apollo standing at right and aiming his bow at Coronis. 

 Diana Discovers Callisto's Pregnancy.1599.  

Danae receiving Jupiter as a shower of gold.1603.

Sine Cerere et Libero friget Venus.1600-03.


Mercury.1611.                            Minerva.1611.

 Jupiter and Antiope.1612.  

Hercules and Cacus.1613. 

Vertumnus and Pomona.1613.  

Juno receiving the eyes of Argus from Mercury.1615.  

Lot and his daughters.1616.  

The Fall of Man.1616.  

Cadmus slays the dragon.