Harvey Dunn

N.C. Wyeth

Howard Pyle

Maxfield Frederick Parrish

The Ring of the Nibelung.1898.

Scribner and Sons Poems of Childhood.1904.
Dinky Bird.
Seein' Things.
Sugarplum Tree.
With Trumpet and Drum.
Wynken, Blynken, and Nod.

The Lantern Bearers.1908.
Sleeping Beauty.1912.

Arabian Nights.1909-23.
1.- Aladdin
2.-Ali Baba. 
3.-City of Brass
4.-Codadad and the Pirates.
5.-Fisherman and the Genie.
7.-King of the Black Isles.
8.-Prince Agib.
9.-Sinbad plotting to kill the geniet.

Christmas Eve.

Fairy Tales of the Brothers Grimm:
1.-Snow White.
2.-The Frog Prince.

Lady Violetta and the Knave of Hearts.
Little Stone House.
Morning Light.
New Moon
Old Glen Mill.
Self-portrait with cat.
The Pool of the Villa D'este.
The Reluctant Dragon.
The White Birch.
Three Golden Apples.
Villa Gamberala Settignano.

Gustaf Tenggren

Virginia Frances Sterrett

Virginia Frances Sterrett (1900–1931) ,pintora e ilustradora americana.

Old French Fairy Tales.1919-20.

Blondine and the Tortoise. 


Blondine Threw Her Arms Around Him.

Genie of the Mountain.   

The Forest.

Tanglewood Tales.1921.

Ariadne and Theseus.      

Cadmus and the Dragon.

Europa and the Bull.     

Medea and the Snakes.

Proserpina and the Sea Nymphs.  

Ulysses in Circe's Palace.

The Arabian Nights.1923-28.

Aladdin and the Genie of the Ring.   

Aladdin and the Magic Lamp.

Aladdin Greeted the Princess with Joy.  

Aladdin Made his Way to the Sultan's Palace.

Ali Baba and the forty thieves. 

Ali Baba- Morgiana Danced with Much Grace.

The Fifth Voyage of Sinbad.    

The Great Serpent. 

The History of the Second Calendar.  

The Tale of Sinbad the Sailor.

Edwin Howland Blashfield

Edwin Howland Blashfield(1848-1936) ,pintor americano.

Under the Temple eaves.1885.

The Festival of Spring.1890.

The Angel with the Flaming Sword.1893.

Lord Baltimore Commending His People to Wisdom, Justice, and Mercy.1905.

Carry On! Buy Liberty Bonds to Your Utmost.1916.

Red Cross Christmas Roll Call.1918.

Columbia Gives to Her Son the Accolade of the New Chevalry of Humanity.1919.

Spring Scattering Stars.1927.

Only By Remembering Our Mistakes We Can Learn.

The Boston people watching from the house tops the firing at Bunker Hill.

The Dolls.

The Emperor Commodus Leaving the Arena at the Head of the Gladiators

Vintage festival.

West ward.

Walter Crane

John Charles Dollman

John Charles Dollman (1851–1934) ,pintor británico.

The tempation of Saint Anthony.1897.

Mowgli made leader of the Bandar Log.1903.

A Viking Foray.1909.

Chariot of the Sun.1909.

Hermod before Hela.1909.

Sigurd and Gunnar at the Fire.1909.

The Giant with the Flaming Sword.1909.

The Ride of the Valkyrs.1909.

The Wolves Pursuing Sol and Mani.1909.

Thor and the Mountain.1909.

The Unknown.1912.

The tempation of Saint Anthony.1925.

Awakening of Titania.

Robinson Crusoe And His Man Friday.

The Reckoning.

John Mulcaster Carrick

John Mulcaster Carrick (1833 - 1896) , pintor escocés. 

The Death of Arthur.1862.

Villa Franca near Nice.1880.