Jan Mostaert

Jan Mostaert (1474-1552/53) ,pintor neerlandés.

Christ Shown to the People.1510-15.

Ecce homo.1510-25.

Christ Shown to the People.1515.

Christ appearing to his mother in limbo.1520-25.

The Crucifixion.1530.

The Banishment of Hagar.

Lucas Cranach The Elder

Lucas Cranach The Elder (1472-1553) ,pintor alemán.

Cupid complaining to Venus.1525.

Judith Victorious.1530.


Matthias Grünewald

Matthias Grünewald (1470-1528) ,pintor alemán.

Isenheim Altar
    Ressurection.1512-16.                          St Sebastian.1515.

    The Crucifixion.1515.

Visit of St Anthony to St Paul.1515.  Temptation of St Anthony.1515. 

The Crucifixion.1523-24.

Gerard David

Gerard David (1460-1523) ,pintor neerlandés.

The Deposition.1495-1500.

The Judgment of Cambyses.1498.

The Marriage at Cana.1500.


Altarpiece of St Michael (Central Panel).1510.

Christ on the Cross.1515.

Gherardo di Giovanni

Gherardo di Giovanni del Fora (1445/46–1497) ,pintor italiano.

Chaste Women in a Landscape.1480s.

The Combat of Love and Chastity.1480s.

Hugo van der Goes

Hugo van der Goes (1440-1482) ,pintor flamenco.

The Fall.1467-68. 

The Adoration of the Kings (Monforte Altar).1470.

Fernando Gallego

Fernando Gallego (1440-1507) ,pintor español.

El calvario.1466-67.

La Piedad.1470.

El martírio de Santa Catalina.


Michael Wolgemut

Michael Wolgemut (1434–1519) ,pintor alemán.

Christ in Limbo.1491.

Dance of Death.1493.

The battle of Gibeon and the sun and moon.

Antonello da Messina

Antonello di Giovanni di Antonio (1430-1479) ,pintor italiano.


Virgin Annunciate.1475 .

St Sebastian.1476.

The Dead Christ Supported by an Angel.1475-78.

Antonio del Pollaiolo

Antonio del Pollaiolo (1429/1433-1498) ,pintor italiano.

Assunzione di Santa Maria Maddalena.1460.

Martyrdom of St Sebastian.1473-75.

Hercules And The Hydra.1475.

St Michael and the Dragon.1475.

Apollo and Daphne. 


Giovanni Bellini

Giovanni Bellini (1430–1516) ,pintor italiano.

St. Jerome in the Desert.1455.

Agony in the Garden.1459-65.

The Blood of the Redeemer.1460-65. 

Resurrection of Christ.1475-79.

St. Francis in Ecstasy.1480.

San Giobbe Altarpiece.1487.

Holy Allegory.1490-1500.

The virtue.1500.

Portrait of Doge Leonardo Loredan.1501.


The Murder of St Peter the Martyr.1509.

Drunkenness of Noah.1515.

Naked Young Woman in Front of the Mirror.1515.

Martyrdom of Peter of Verona by the Cathars.