Charles Marion Russell

Charles Marion Russell ( 1864 -1926) pintor americano.

Big Nose George and the Road Agents.1895. 

Bringing Up the Trail.1895.

For Supremacy.1895. 

The Defiant Culprit.1895. 

The Ambush.1896.

Capt.William Clark meeting the Indians of the N.W..1897.

A Desperate Stand.1898.

Caught Napping.1898. 

Joe Kipp's Trading Post.1898.

Knight and Jester.1898.

The Hold Up.1899. 

Waiting and Mad.1899.

Peaceful Valley Saloon.1900.

Self Portrait.1900.

Attack On A Wagon Train.1902.

Counting Coup.1902.

When Blackfoot And Sioux Meet.1902. 

Lewis and Clark on the Lower Columbia.1905.

Return of the Warriors.1906.

A disputed trail.1908.

Indian camp lake Mcdonald.1908. 

Smoke of a .45.1908.

The Medicine Man.1908.

At Rope's End.1909.

In without knocking.1909. 

Cinch ring.1909. 

When Horseflesh Comes High.1909.

The Camp Cook's Troubles.1912. 

Crippled but Still Coming.1913.

Whose meat.1914. 

Meat's Not Meat Till It's in the Pan.1915.

When Shadows Hint Death.1915.

Man's Weapons are Useless When Nature Goes Armed.1916.

Buffalo Bill's duel with Yellowhand.1917.

Buffalo Hunt.1919.

Illustration from Indian Old Man Stories (3).1920.

Tight Dally and Loose Latigo.1920.

Wolf and Beaver.1921.

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