Abel Grimmer

Abel Grimmer (1570-1618/19), pintor flamenco.  

Carrying the Cross.1593.  

The Marketplace in Bergen op Zoom.1590-97.

The Four Seasons.1607.  
       01 Spring.

       02 Summer.

       03 Autumn.

       04 Winter.  

Saints peter and paul at the beautiful gate of the temple.

The Month of February.

Tower of Babel.  

Joseph Heintz

-------Joseph Heintz the Elder (1564-1609) ,pintor suizo-alemán.

Diana and Acteon.1590s.

The Fall of Phaeton.1596.  

Salome with the head of John Baptist.1600-05.
(After a painting by Lucas Cranach the Elder)

The Rape of Proserpina.1598-1605. 

-------Joseph Heintz The Younger (1600-1678) ,pintor alemán.

Pluto comes from Tartarus.1640.

Allegory of the Apocalypse.1674. 

Imaginary Scene with Venetian Buildings.1670-75.

A Venetian scene with figures on the Riva at Ascension Day.

Piazza San Marco at Carnival Time.

Vanitas, or Allegory of Love.


Hendrik Cornelisz Vroom

Hendrik Cornelisz Vroom (1562-1640) ,pintor holandés.

Dutch ships ramming Spanish galleys off the English coast 1602.1617.

View of Hoorn (Netherlands).1622.

A Castle with a Ship Sailing Nearby.1626.

The Arrival at Vlissingen of the Elector Palatinate Frederick V.1632.