Heinrich Aldegrever

Heinrich Aldegrever (1502-1555-61) ,pintor y grabador alemán.  
Onament Design with a Mask and an Eagle between Two Fauns Below.1509.
Excess, Intemperance.1528.  
Respice Finem.1529.  
Marcus Curtius.1532.

Jan Cornelisz Vermeyen

Jan Cornelisz Vermeyen, or Jan Mayo, or Barbalonga (1500–1559) ,pintor holandés.

Judith with the Head of Holofernes.1525.

The Holy Family.1528-29.

Saint Jerome meditating.1525-30.

The calling of St John during the marriage at Cana.1530 .

Portrait of a Man with Gloves.1533. 

Triptych of the Micault family.1539-59.

The Emtombment. 


Ambrogio da Fossano "Il Bergognone" (1453–1523) ,pintor italiano.

Lamentation of Christ.1485.

Madonna del Latte.1485.  

Virgin and Child with Two Angels.1480-85.

Christ Rising from the Tomb.1490.

Adoration of the Child.1500.

St Ambrose with Saints.1514.

Beheading of St. Catherine.

Burial of St. Catherine.

Miracle of St. Jerome.


Jean Duvet

Jean Duvet (1485-1562) ,pintor y grabador francés.

The Apocalypse series.1445-55.
   04 The vision of the four horsemen.

   11 St John the Evangelist measuring the temple of God.

   12 The woman clothed with the sun.

   13 St Michael and his angels fighting the dragon.

   14 The worship of the seven-headed beast.

   16 The Dragon and the Beast.

   17 The whore of Babylon.

   18 The Fall of Babylon.

   21 The angel of God binding and locking up Satan.

The marriage of Adam and Eve.1540-55.

The martyrdom of St John the Evangelist.1546-55.

The Unicorn series.1455-60.
   01 A King and Diana Receiving Huntsmen.

   02 The unicorn purifies a source.

   03 The royal hunt attacked by an unicorn.

   04 The capture of the unicorn.

   05 The unicorn conducted on a carriage.

   06 The triumph of the unicorn.

Francesco Melzi

Francesco Melzi (1491-1568/70) ,pintor italiano.

Leda and the Swan.1508-15.

Vertumnus and Pomona.1518-22.

Portrait of Man with a Parrot.1525.

St Anne with the Virgin and the Child and a Lamb.1520-25.
(Copy of Leonardo)


Joachim Patinir

Joachim Patinir (1480-1524) ,pintor flamenco.

Landscape with St Jerome.1515-19.

Baptism of Christ.1510-20.

Landscape with the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah.1520.

St Jerome in the Desert.1520.

The Temptations of Saint Anthony the Abbot.1515-22.

Crossing the River Styx.1515-24.

Rest on the Flight from Egypt.1519-24.

Saint Jerome in a Rocky Landscape.1515-24.

Landscape with The Flight into Egypt.1524.

St Christopher Bearing the Christ Child.

Georg Pencz

Georg Pencz (1500-1550) ,pintor y grabador alemán.

Attilus Regulus.1535.                          Titus Manlius.1535.

Cimon and Pero (Caritas Romana).1538.

Queen Tomyris Receiving the Head of Cyrus.1539.
Sextus Tarquinius and Lucretia.1539.

Triumph of Chastity.1539.

The triumph of Death.1539.

Triumph of Eternity.1539.

The triumph of Fame.1539.

Triumph of Love.1539.

Triumph of Time.1539.

Portrait of a Seated Youth.1544.

St. Jerome in meditation.1548.

Leda and the Swan.