Domenico Beccafumi

Domenico di Pace Beccafumi (1486- 1551) ,pintor italiano.

St. Paul.1515.

Fall of the Rebel Angels.1524.

The Continence of Scipio.1524-25. 


Christ's Descent into Hell.1530-35.

Political virtues .1532-35.
    Postumius Tiburzius kills his son. 

    The murder of the wrong Melius. 

    The reconciliation of Emilius Leidus with Flavius Flaccus. 

    The tribune Publius Muzius sends his allies on the pyre. 

    The victim of Codrus, king of Athens. 

    The victim of Seleucus of Locris.

Moses receiving the Tablets of the Law.1537.

The Last Judgement.1537-38. 

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