Allaert Claesz

Allaert Claesz (1498-1564) ,pintor holandés.

Queen and dragon.1523.

A satyr family in a wood.1520-30.

Allegory with two naked men in a shell boat.1520-30.

Cleopatra seated by a tree with two serpents.1520-30.

Fight between five soldiers.1520-30.

The Dance of Death.1562.
1.-A couple with Death playing a drum.

2.-A dancing couple with Death playing a xylophone.

3.-A falconer, his wife and Death as a hunter.

4.-Death as a nobleman leading away a woman.

5.-Death dressed as a fool pursuing a couple.

6.-The old man and his young wife embraced by Death.

A Triton carrying off a male and female on a black background.

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