Joachim Beuckelaer

Joachim Beuckelaer (1533–1574) pintor flamenco.


Christ carrying the Cross.1562.

Slaughtered Pig.1563. 

The Miraculous Draught of Fishes.1563.

Market Woman with Fruit, Vegetables and Poultry.1564.

Christ in the House of Martha and Mary.1565.

Kitchen Scene with Meeting on the road to Emmaus.1560-65. 

The Well-Stocked Kitchen.1566.

Christ on the Cross.1567. 

Fish market.1568.

The Four Elements.1570:
        Air. A Poultry Market with the Prodigal Son.

        Earth. A Fruit and Vegetable Market with the Flight into Egypt. 

        Fire. A Kitchen Scene with Christ in the House of Martha and Mary. 

        Water. A Fish Market with the Miraculous Draught of Fishes. 

 Allegory of the carelessness.  

Market Square,in the background the scourging,Ecce homo and Calvary. 

The Flight into Egypt. 

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