Thomas Cole

Thomas Cole (1801-1848) ,pintor estadounidense de origen británico.

A View of Fort Putnam.1825. 

Indian Sacrifice.1827.

Expulsion, Moon and Firelight.1828.

Aqueduct near Rome.1832. 

Distant View of Niagara Falls.1830. 

Landscape Composition.- Italian Scenery.1831-32. 

Interior of the Colosseum Rome.1832.

The Titan's Goblet.1833.

The Angel Appearing to the Shepherds.1833-34.

The Course of Empire.1836.
1.-The Savage State. 

2.-The Arcadian or Pastoral State.




View of Florence from San Miniato.1837.

Italian Coast Scene with Ruined Tower.1838. 

The Departure.1838.

The Past.1838.

The Present.1838.

The Architect's Dream.1840.

Valley of the Vaucluse.1841.

The Voyage of Life.- Manhood.1842.

Evening in Arcadia.1843.

Mount Etna from Taormina.1843. 

Il Pensaro.1845.


Arch of Nero.1846.

Prometheus Bound.1846-47.

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