Familia Bassano

--Jacopo Bassano "Jacopo dal Ponte" (1510–1592) ,pintor italiano.

The Annunciation to the Shepherds.1533.

The Martyrdom of St Catherine of Alexandria.1544.

Flight Into Egypt.1545.

The Road to Calvary.1550-55. 

Adam and Eve after the Fall.1570. 
Entrance of the animals in Noah's ark.1570.
The return of the prodigal son.1570.

Paradiso terrestre.1573.

Summer (Sacrifice of Isaac).1575. 

The Forge of Vulcan.1585.

The Baptism of Christ.1592.

Descent from the Cross.


The Good Samaritan.

The Purification of the Temple.

The Way to Calvary.

--Francesco Bassano the Younger (1549-1592) ,hijo de Jacobo Bassano.

Lamentation over the Dead Christ.1580s.
The Traders Cast out of the Temple.1585.
Charles VIII recieving the crown of Napoli.1585-90.
Abraham departs out of Haran.1592. 
The Forge of Vulcan.1592. 
Allegory of the months:
04.-April (Taurus).
05.-May (Gemini).
06.-June (Cancer).
07.-July (Leo).
09.-September (Libra).
10.-October (Scorpio).
12.-December (Capricorn).

--Leandro Bassano (1557-1622) ,hijo de Jacobo Bassano.

The rich man and Lazarus.1590-95. 

Allegory of the Element Earth. 

Portrait of Jacopo Bassano.

St Giacinto Walking on the Water of the River Dnieper. 

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