Lucas van Leyden

Lucas van Leyden (1494-1533) ,pintor y grabador holandés.

The original sin.1506.

Susanna and the elders.1508.

The fortune-teller with a Fool.1508.

The Conversion of St Paul.1509.

Potiphar's wife shows her husband Joseph's cloak.1512.

Grote serie vrouwenlisten.1514.
   Samson and Delilah.

   The fall of man.

Pyramus and Thisbe.1514.

Aristotle and Phyllis.1515.

The Triumph of Mordecai.1515.

St Jerome Penitent.1515-16.


Jael Killing Sisera.1517.

Salome with the Head of John the Babtist.1517.

The Temptation of Christ.1518.

Kleine serie Vrouwenlisten.1515-19.
   Adam and Eve.

   Idolatry of Solomon.

The Dance of the Magdalene.1519.

David in prayer.1520. 

Virgin with Child and angels.1520.

Lot and his Daughters.1521.

Portrait of a Man aged 38.1521.

St Jerome.1521.

The small Passion.-Christ in Limbo.1521.

The dentist.1523.

The Poet Virgil in a Basket.1525.

The Last Judgement.1526.
(Central Panel)

Moses and the Israelites use water from the rock.1527.

The Resurrection.1529.

Lot and his daughters.1530.

Mars Venus and Cupid.1530.

The Fall of Man.1530.

Healing of blind man of Jericho.1531.

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