Familia Van Cleve

Familia de pintores flamencos:

------Joos van Cleve (1485-1540)

Altarpiece of the Lamentation (central).1520-25. 

The Suicide of Lucretia.1520-25.

The Last Judgement. 

------Hendrick van Cleve III (1525-1589)

Ideal view of a ancient seaport. 

The Construction of the Tower of Babel. 

The Tower of Babel.

View of the Vatican gardens and St Peter’s basilica.

------Maerten Van Cleve (1527 –1581)

A Flemish Household.1555-60.  

Oxen at the Butcher's.1566.

The parable of the blind.1570.

Peasant Dance in a Tavern.1581.

A winter landscape with a peasant brawl near a church. 

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