Horror film posters 1930-39

Dracula( (1931).Tod Browning.

Doctor Jekyll and Mr.Hyde.(1931). 
Rouben Mamoulian.

Frankenstein.(1931).James Whale.

Doctor X.(1932).Michael Curtiz.

Island of Lost Souls.(1932).Erle C. Kenton.

Murders in the Rue Morgue.(1932).Robert Florey.

The mummy.(1932).Karl Freund.


The Most Dangerous Game.(1932). 
Ernest B. Schoedsack, Irving Pichel.

The Old Dark House.(1932).James Whale.

Invisible man.(1933).James Whale.

King Kong.(1933).
Merian C.Cooper & Ernest B.Schoedsack.

Black cat.(1934).Edgar G. Ulmer.

Mad Love.(1935).Karl Freund.

Mark of the vampire.(1935).Tod Browning.

The bride of Frankenstein.(1935).James Whale.

Werewolf of London.(1935).Stuart Walker.

The Invisible Ray.(1936).Lambert Hillyer.

The Walking Dead.(1936).Michael Curtiz.

The Hound of the Baskervilles.(1939).
Sidney Lanfield.

The Man They Could Not Hang.(1939).Nick Grinde.

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