Hans Baldung

Hans Baldung Grien (1484–1545) ,pintor alemán.

The Knight, the Young Girl, and Death.1505. 

St Sebastian.1507. 

Hexen (Witches).1508.

Three Ages and Death.1509-11.    Eve,the Serpent,and Death.1510-12.

Aristotle and Phyllis.1513.

New Year´s Wish with Three Witches.1514. 

The Flood.1516.

Der Tod und das Mõdchen.1517. Death and the Maiden.1518-20.

Zwei Hexen.1523.                                       Prudence.1529.

Mucius Scaevola.1531.

The Three Graces.1540.           The Ages and Death.1541-44.

Departing for the Sabbath.

Witch and Dragon.

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