Georges de La Tour

Georges de La Tour (1593 -1652),pintor francés.

Peasant Couple Eating.1620.

St. James the Younger.1615-20.

Blind Hurdy-Gurdy Player.1610-30.

Quarrelling Musicians.1625-30.

Saint Sebastian Tended by Irene.1630s. 

St Thomas.1625-30. 

The Payment of Dues.1630-35.

Fortune Teller.1632-35.

Cheater with the Ace of Diamonds.1635.

The Hurdy-gurdy Player.1631-36. 

The Dream of St Joseph.1640. 

St. Joseph the Carpenter.1642.

The Penitent Magdalen.1638-43.

Magdalen of Night Light.1640-45.

St Sebastien Attended by St Irene.1649.

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