Jacob Jordaens

Jacob Jordaens (1593 -1678) ,pintor flamenco.

Self-Portrait among Parents, Brothers and Sisters.1615.

Satyr at the Peasant's House.1620.

Satyr playing flute.1620-21. 

Allegory of Fertility.1622. 

The Painter's Family.1621-22.

Marsyas Flayed by Apollo.1625. 

The Judgment of Paris.1620-25.

Nymphs at the Fountain of Love.1630. 

Golden Apple of Discord.1633. 

As the Old Sang the Young Play Pipes.1638. 

Bacchus Discovering Ariadne.1640s. 

Diana and Actaeon.1640. 

Infant Jupiter Fed by the Goat Amalthea.1640.

Marsyas ill-treated by the muses.1630-40.

Prometheus Bound.1640. 

The King Drinks.1640. 

Diogenes Searching for an Honest Man.1642.

Neptune and Amphitrite in the storm.1644.

Apostles Paul and Barnabas in Lystra.1645. 

The Miracle of the Obol in the Mouth of the Fish.1630-45. 

King Candaules of Lydia Showing his Wife to Gyges.1646.

The Abundance of the Earth.1649.

Meleager and Atalanta.1620-50.

Triumph of Frederik Hendrik.1647-52. 

Christ Driving the Merchants from the Temple.1650. 

The Bean King.1635-55.

The Bean King.1655.

The Rest of Diana.1645-55.

The Calvary.1657. 

Odysseus in the Cave of Polyphemus.1660.


Education of Jupiter.

Flora, Silenus and Zephyr.

Lapiths and the Centaurs.

Neptune creating the horse.

Satyr and Peasant.

Suzanna and the Elders.

The rape of Europa.

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