Akseli Gallen Kallela

Akseli Gallen Kallela (1865-1931),pintor finlandés.

Rustic life.1887.


The First Lesson.1887-89.

Aino triptych.1891. 

Herd-Boy at Paanajõrvi.1892.

Forging of the Sampo.1893 .

Self-Portrait in a Fresco.1894. 

The defence of the Sampo.1896.

Väinämöinen's Departure.1896.

Joukahainens Reveng.1897.

Lemminkainens Mother.1897.

Kullervo cursing.1899.

Kullervo Rides to War.1899.

At the River of Tuonela.1903.

Building News.1903.

The Capture of the Sampo.1905.

The Boat's Lament.1906.

The Lovers.1906-1917.

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