Jean-Léon Gérôme

Jean-Léon Gérôme.( Vesoul, Francia 1824 - 1904).

Anacreon Bacchus and Cupid.1848.

Greek interior.1850. 

Arnauts Playing Chess.1859. 

Duel after a masquerade ball.1859.


Arnauts of Cairo at the Gate of Bab-el-Nasr.1861 . 

The Day of the Last Judgment.1861. 

The Prisoner.1861.

Heads of the Rebel Beys at the Mosque of El Hasanein.1866.

Old Clothing Merchant in Cairo.1866. 

Napoleon and his general staff.1867.

The Death of Caesar.1867.

Bonaparte before the Sphinx.1867-1868.

Bashi Bazouk Singing.1868 .

Arabs Crossing the Desert.1870.

Pollice verso.1872. 

Moorish Bath.1874-1877.

Circus Maximus.1876.

Field Of rest.1876. 

Un muezzin appelant du haut du minaret les fideles a la priere.1879.

A Japanese Imploring a Divinity.1880. 

The Snake Charmer.1880. 

Cave Canem (Beware the Dog).1881.

The christian martyrs last prayer.1883. 

Slave Market in Rome.1884. 

La grande piscine de brousse.1885.

The End of the Sitting.1886.


Pygmalion and galatea.1890

La rentrée des félins.1902. 

An Arab Caravan outside a Fortified Town. 

Sabre Dance in a Cafe.

Sword dance before egyptian ruins.

The Age of Augustus.The Birth of Christ. 

View of Cairo.

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