Paolo Veronese

Paolo Caliari (1528-1588) pintor italiano.

Temptation of St. Anthony.1552-53.

Christ among the Doctors in the Temple.1558.

Martyrdom of St Sebastian.

Diana and Actaeon.1560.

Supper in Emmaus.1560. 

St John the Baptist Preaching.1562.

Venus and Adonis.1562. 

The Marriage At Cana.1563.

Martyrdom of St George.1564.

Sts Mark & Marcelino Being Led to Martyrdom .1565.

Conversion of Saul.1570.

Mars and Venus United by Love.1570. 

Mars Undressing Venus.1570s.

The Resurrection of Christ.1570.

Christ and the Centurion.1571.

The Adoration of the Virgin by the Coccina Family.1571.

Battle of Lepanto.1572.

Martyrdom of Saint Justina.1570-75. 

Mars and Neptune.1575-78. 

Perseus Rescuing Andromeda.1576-78.

The Annunciation.1578. 

The Rape of Europa.1578.

Susannah and the Elders.1580.

The Martyrdom of Saint Mena.1580.

Venus and Adonis.1580.



The Sacrifice of Isaac.1586. 

Baptism of Christ.1580-88.

Leda et le cygne.

Martyrdom of St Sebastian.

The Family of Darius before Alexander.

The Rape of Europa.

Toilet of Venus.

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