Nicolás Poussin

Nicolás Poussin (1594-1665) ,pintor francés.

Venus and Adonis.1624.

Cephalus and Aurora.1624-25.

The Victory of Joshua over the Amalekites.1624-25.

Bacchic scene or Nymph riding a satyr.1626.

Battle of Gideon Against the Midianites.1625-26. 

Massacre of inocents.1626. 

The Destruction of the Temple at Jerusalem.1626. 

The Victory of Joshua over Amorites.1624-26.

The Death of Germanicus.1627.

The Martyrdom of St Erasmus.1628. 

The massacre of the innocents.1628.

The Inspiration of the Poet.1630.

The Plague at Ashdod.1630.

The Triumph of David.1627-30.

Lamentation over the Body of Christ.1628-31.

The Empire of Flora.1631. 

Parnassus or Apollo and the muses.1631-32.

Bacchanal before a Statue of Pan.1631-33.

The Triumph of David.1631-33. 

Rinaldo's Companions.1633-34. 

Tancred and Erminia.1634.

The Adoration of the Golden Calf.1634.

The Crossing of the Red Sea.1633-34.

The Rescue of Pyrrhus.1634. 

The Rape of the Sabine Women.1634-35.

The Triumph of Bacchus.1635-36.

The Triumph of Pan.1636.

Camille livre le maitre d'école de Faléries á ses Écoliers.1637.

The Destruction of the Temple at Jerusalem.1637. 

The Nurture of Jupiter.1635-37.

The Triumph of Neptune.1634-37.

Et in Arcadia ego.1637-38.

Moses rescue from the Nile River.1638.

Pan and Syrinx.1637-38.

The Hunt of Meleager and Atalanta or Leaving for a hunt.1634-38.

Venus Presenting Arms to Aeneas.1639.

A Dance to the Music of Time.1640. 

The Seven Sacraments- Extreme unction.1636-1640. 

Time defending Truth against the attacks of Envy and Discord.1641.

Landscape with Orpheus and Euridice.1648.

Landscape with Polyphemus.1648.

The Judgment of Solomon.1649. 

Nymphs Feeding the Child Jupiter.1650.

The Exposition of Moses.1650.

Landscape - A Calm.1651. 


The Testament of Eudamidas.1653. 

The Birth of Bacchus.1657. 

Landscape with Hercules and Cacus.1659-61. 

Landscape with Diana and Orion.1660-64.

The Four Seasons.1660-64. 

     Autumn or The grapes of the promised land Canaan.

     Spring or Adam and Eve. 

     Summer, or Ruth and Boaz.

     Winter or The Flood.

Time Saving Truth from Envy and Discord. 

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