Henrich Fuseli

Johann Heinrich Füssli.( Zürich 1741 –  1825)

Satan Starting at the Touch of Ithuriel's Lance.1779.

Belinda´s traum.1780-1790.

Tiresias appears to Ulysses during the sacrificing.1780-1785. 

Queen Katherine's Dream.1781-83. 

The nightmare.1781.

Percival Delivering Belisane from the Enchantments of Urma.1783. 

The Weird Sisters or The Three Witches.1783.

Theodore Meets the Spectre of His Ancestor Guido Cavalcanti.1783.

The Mandrake,A Charm.1785. 

Thor fighting the mighty worm.1788.

Mid-summer night's Dream -Titania and Bottom.1790. 

The Nightmare.1790-91.


Mid-summer night's Dream .Titania and Oberon.1793-94.

The Incubus Leaving Two Sleeping Women.1793.

The Shepherd's Dream dream.1793.

Odysseus in front of Scylla and Charybdis.1794-96.

Macbeth consulting the Vision of the Armed Head.1794.

The Night-Hag Visiting Lapland Witches.1796.

Reiter von Riesenschlange überfallen.1800.

The Fire King.1801.

Satan calling up his legions.1802 .

Serpent tempting Eve.1802. 

Achilles Searching for the Parocles.1803. 

Cerasimus und Huon fliehen vor dem Elfenkönig Oberon.1804-05.

Mad Kate.1806-07. 

Brunhilde Observing Gunther.1807.

Fairy Mab.1815.

Macbeth and the Witches.

Sin intercedes between Satan and Death. 

Sin Pursued by Death.

The Tempest  

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