Jacopo Tintoretto

Jacopo "Robusti" Comin (1518-1594) ,pintor veneciano.

The Martyrdom of the Ten Thousand (fragment).1538.

St George.1543-44. 

The Conversion of Saint Paul.1545.

The Miracle of St Mark Freeing the Slave.1548. 

St Roch in the Hospital.1549.

Venus, Mars, and Vulcan.1551.

Creation of the Animals.1551-52.

The Murder of Abel.1551-52. 

St Louis, St George, and the Princess.1553. 

Susanna and the Elders.1555. 

The Liberation of Arsinoe.1556.

The Martyrdom of St Paul.1556.

St George and the Dragon.1555-58.

Lamentation over the Dead Christ.1560. 

The Crucifixion.1565. 

St Mark Working Many Miracles.1562-66.

St Mark Rescuing a Saracen from Shipwreck.1562-66. 

St Roch in Prison Visited by an Angel.1567.

The Ascent to Calvary.1566-67.

The Descent into Hell.1568.

Leda and the swan.1570.

Origine della Via Lattea.1575.

The Miracle of Manna.1577.

Vulcan's Forge.1576-77. 

The Muses.1578.

Judith and Holofernes.1579.

The Battle Of Taro.1578-79. 


The Capture of Parma by Federico II.1580. 

Conquest of Zara.1584.

Defence of Brescia.1584.

The Annunciation.1583-87. 

The Massacre of the Innocents.1582-87.


Battle between Turks and Christians (The Rape of Helen).1588-89.

The Raising of Lazarus.1585-90. 

The Last Supper.1592-94. 

Judith and Holofernes.

La Resurrezione.

Tancred Baptizing Clorinda.

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