Daniel Maclise

Daniel Maclise (1806-1870), pintor irlandés.

The Disenchantment of Bottom.1832.

Robin Hood meets Richard the Lionheart in Sherwood Forest.1839.

The Origin of the Harp.1842.

A Scene from Undine.1843.

Dream of Charlemagne.1843.

The Spirit Of Chivalry.1845. 

Noahs Sacrifice.1847-53.

Alfred the Saxon King in the Tent of Guthrum the Dane.1852.

Marriage of Storngbow and Aoife.1854. 

The Wrestling Scene in As You Like It.1854. 

Peter the Great at Deptford Dockyard.1857.

The death of Nelson is in the Walker Art Gallery.1859-64.

Madeline after prayer.1868.

The Meeting of Wellington and Blucher after Waterloo.

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