Evelyn De Morgan

Evelyn De Morgan (1855-1919),pintora inglesa.

Cadmus and Harmonia.1877.     Sleep and Death.1883.

Aurora Triumphans.1886.

Clytie.1886-87.                  Medea.1889.

Gloria in Excelsis.1893.                        Boreas and Orietyia.1896.

The Angel of Death.1897. 

The Love Potion.1903.                           Our Lady of Peace.1907.

Death of the Dragon.1914.

The Vision.1914.

An Angel Piping to the Souls in Hell.1916. 

The Field of the Slain.1916. 

The Red Cross.1918.

Boreas and Fallen Leaves .

Hope in a Prison of Despair.

 Mercury .                                          S.O.S (Save Our Souls).

The dryad.                           The Kingdom of Heaven Suffereth Violence

The Captives.

The Mourners .

The Sleeping Earth and Wakening Moon.  

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