Simon Vouet

Simon Vouet (1590-1649) ,pintor francés

The Fortune Teller.1618.

Lucretia And Tarquin.1620. 

Toilet of Venus.1625-27.

Allegory of Peace.1627. 

Father Time Overcome by Love, Hope and Beauty.1627.

Toilet of Venus.1628-39.

Series of the Four Cardinal Virtues on the Queen's Bedroom.1637-38 .

Allégorie de la Force.

Allégorie de la Justice.

Allégory de la Prudence. 

Allégorie de la Tempérance.

The Rape of Europa.1640. 

Saturn, Conquered by Amor, Venus and Hope.1645-46. 

Ceres Vanquishing the Attributes of War.

Le Martyre de saint Eustache.

Le serpent d´airain.

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