John Duncan

John Duncan (1866-1945),pintor escocés.

The Legend of Orpheus.1895.

Joan of Arc.1896. 

The Glaive of Light.1896. 

Taking of excalibur.1897. 

Mythological Subject.1898.

Angus Og.1908.

Heptu Bidding Farewell to the City of Obb.1909. 

Yorinda and Yoringel in the Witch's Wood.1909. 

Riders of the Sidhe.1911.

Tristan and Isolde.1912. 

St bride.1913. 

The Sleeping Princess.1915.

Seated figure.1916. 

Masque of love.1921. 

Ivory Apes and Peacocks (the arrival of the Queen of Sheba).1923.



The Kelpie.

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