Paul Gauguin

Eugène Henri Paul Gauguin.( 1848 – 1903).Pintor post-impresionista francés.

Schooner and Three-Master.1886. 

Autoportrait , Les Miserables.1888.

The Swineherd, Brittany.1888. 

The Vision after the Sermon.1888.
(also known as Jacob Wrestling the Angel)

Autoportrait caricature.1889. 

La belle Angèle.1889.

Nirvana (also known as Portrait of Meyer de Hasn).1890. 

La perte du pucelage(The lost of virginity).1891. 

Man with an Ax.1891.

Aha oe Feii (aka What! Are You Jealous).1892.

Fatata te Miti (also known as By the Sea).1892. 

Manao Tupapau (also known as Spirit of the Dead Watching).1892. 

Mahana no atua (also known as Day of the Gods).1894.

The Guitar Player.1894.

Te Arii Vahine (also known as The King's Wife).1896. 

Nevermore, Oh Tahiti.1897.

Tahitian Man with His Arms Raised.1897.

The Ford (also known as Flight).1901.

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