Ernest Crofts

Ernest Crofts, (1847-1911),pintor británico.

Morning of battle Waterloo.1879. 

The Boscobol Oak.1889.

Cromwell at the Storming of Basing House.1900. 

Charles I on His Way to Execution.1901. 

After closing the gate of Hoe.

Cromwell at the Sign of the Blue Boarouse.

Cromwellian soldiers leaving Warwick Castle.

Napoleon the Battle Draws to a Close and He Faces Defeat.

Prince Rupert.

The Battle Of Waterloo.

The Capture of A French Battery.

The execution of Charles I, January 30th, 1649.

Wallenstein, A Scene From the Thirty Years War.

Wellington At Waterloo.

William III at the battle at London.

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