Frederick Arthur Bridgman

Frederick Arthur Bridgman,(1847-1928),pintor norteamericano.

Apollon Enlevant Cyrene.1872. 

Abu Simbel.1874. 

Towing on the Nile.1875. 

Funeral of a Mummy.1877.

The Diversion of an Assyrian King.1878.

The Siesta.1878.

An Interesting Game.1881.

Horse Market at Cairo  Hot Bargain, Cairo.1884. 

Scene in Morocco.1885. 

The Game of Chance.1885.

Cleopatra on the Terraces of Philae.1896. 

Orientalist Interior.1900.

Pharaoh's army engulfed by the Red Sea.1900.

Procession in Honor of Isis.1902.

The seaweed gatherers.1912.

An evening gathering at a North-African encampment.1923.

A Coastal Trail.

Afternoon In Algiers.

An odalisque. 

Le carnaval bretagne.

On The Coastline.

The Captives.

The Harem Boats. 

The Falcon Hunt.

The nubian story teller in the harem Rasskazz.

The Rug Merchants. 

The Procession of the Sacred Bull Anubis.

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