Mihály Zichy

Mihály Zichy (1827-1906) ,pintor hungaro. 

Captive in the Prison.1850. 

Coronation of Tsar Alexander II in 1856.1856.

Proclamation of Kronungstages on the Red Platz.1856.

Jewish martyrs.1871. 

Luther's vision.1871. 

Falstaff with a tankard of wine and a pipe.1875.


The Triumph of the Genius of Destruction.1878. 

Falling Stars.1879.                              Seduction-punished.1881.

Illustration to Imre Madachs The Tragedy of Man.1887.

Coloured Illusions on the Box.1888. 

Mrs Agnes.1893.

Ante-Room in the Imperial Palace at Tsarskoye Selo. 

Erotic drawing.

Powerless Anger of Man. 


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