Peter Nicolai Arbo

Peter Nicolai Arbo (1831-1892),pintor noruego.

Battle of Svoldre.1860. 

Haakon the Good and the farmers of Sacrifice at Mære.1860.

Olav Tryggvason crowned King of Norway.1860.


The wild hunt.1872. 

Hervor was a shieldmaiden in the cycle of the magic sword Tyrfing.1880 .

Gissyr the old challenges the Huns in the KingÆs behalf Angantyrs.1886. 

Battle of  Stamford Bridge.

Fornalder (Times Past).

King Sverre´s trek across the Voss Mountains.

Nótt riding Hrímfaxi. 

Olav Haraldsson in prayer before the battle Stiklestad.

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