Francesco Solimena

Francesco Ciccio Solimena (1657-1747) ,pintor italiano.

Allegory of Reign.1690.

The Abduction of Orithyia.1695.

The Martyrdom of Sts Placidus and Flavia.1697-1708.

Rebecca and Eleazer.1700. 

Aurora, Roman goddess of the dawn.1704.

Death of Messalina.1708.

Expulsion of Heliodorus from the Temple.1725.

Judith with the Head of Holofernes.1728-33.

Boreas Abducting Oreithyia, Daughter of Erechtheus.1729. 

Rebecca Leaving Her Father's House.1730.

Battle between Lapiths and Centaurs.1735-40 .

Barak and Deborah.

Priam in the tent of Achilles.

The glorification St. Dominic.     The Massacre at Chios.

Venus with Iapis Tending the Wounded Aeneas.

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