Johann Zoffany

Johann Zoffany (1733-1810) ,pintor alemán.

Self-portrait as David with the head of Goliath.1756.

Apollo Slaying Coronis.1759.

The Triumph of Venus.1760.

A Life Class at St. Martin's Lane Academy.1761-62.

Roman Charity.1769. 

The Academicians of the Royal Academy.1771-72.

Hunter Lecturing.1772. 

John Cuff and his assistant.1772.

The Tribuna of the Uffizi.1772-78. 

Self-portrait with Hourglass.1776.

Fruit state in Florence .1777.

The Death Of Cook.1779.

Charles Towneley in his Sculpture Gallery.1782. 

Colonel Mordaunt's Cock Match at Lucknow.1784-86.

Plunder of the King's Wine Cellar, 10th.1792.

Beggars on the Road to Stanmore.

The Sharp Family. 

Time Clipping The Wings Of Love. 

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