François Boucher

François Boucher (1703-1770) ,pintor francés.

Crossing the Ford.1730.

Mercury Confiding the Infant Bacchus to the Nymphs.1732-34. 

The Rape of Europa.1732-34.

Venus Demanding Arms from Vulcan for Aeneas.1732.

Heracles and Omphale.1735.

Léda et le Cygne.1740.

The Birth of Venus.1740.

Audience with the emperor of China.1742.

The Chinese Fishermen.1742. 

The Chinese Hunt.1742.

The Chinese Market.1742-45.

The Toilette.1742.

Le mariage de Psyché et de l'Amour.1744.

Les forges de Vulcain.1747. 

The Rape of Europa.1747.

A Summer Pastoral.1749. 

Apollo Revealing his Divinity .1750.

The Mill at Charenton.1750s. 

The Mill.1751.

L'Odalisque Blonde.1752.

The Setting of the Sun.1752. 

The Rising of the Sun.1753.

Vulcan Presenting Venus with Arms for Aeneas.1757.

Boreas Abducting Oreithyia.1769.

Juno Asking Aeolus to Release the Winds.1769.

Apollo and Clytie.

Landscape with Watermill.

Painter in his Studio (Self-portrait).

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