Joseph Wright

Joseph Wright (1734-1797) ,pintor inglés.

Viewing 'Gladiator' by Candlelight.1765.

A Philosopher Lecturing with a Mechanical Planetary.1766.

Academy by Lamplight.1768-69.

Experiment with the Air Pump.1768.

A Philosopher by Lamp Light.1769.

A Girl Reading a Letter.1767-70.

A Blacksmith's Shop.1771. 

The Alchemist in Search of the Philosopher's Stone.1771. 

Miravan Opening the Grave of his Forefathers.1772. 

Iron Forge Viewed from Outside.1773. 

The Earthstopper on the Banks of the Derwent.1773. 

The Old Man and Death.1774.

The Captive from Sterne.1775. 

Vesuvius in Eruption,View over the Islands in the Bay of Naples.1776.

Penelope Unraveling Her Web.1783-85.

Cottage on Fire at Night.1785-93.

Indian Widow.1785.

A Grotto in the Gulf of Salerno, Moonlight.1789-90. 

The Dead Soldier.1789. 

Vesuvius from Posíllipo.1789.

Landscape with Rainbow.1795.

The iron forge.

The Tempest,Act VI.

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