Jean-Louis-Ernest Meissonier

Jean-Louis Ernest Meissonier (1815-1891) Pintor francés.

Playing jeu de boules.1847. 

The barricade.1848.

Sunday in Poissy.1850.

A Sentinel Time of Louis XIII.1851.

The Hired Assassins.1852.

Chess Players.1858.

Connoisseur at the Artist's Studio.1859.

The Lovers of Painting.1860.

A Game of Piquet.1861.

The French Campaign.1861.

Napoleon III at the Battle of Solferino.1863 .

Information General Desaix and the Peasant.1867. 

Napoleon and his staff.1868.


The End of the Game of Cards.1870.

The halt.1870.

The Ruins of the Tuileries Palace after the Commune .1871.

The card players.1872. 

The Sergeant's Portrait.1874.

The Battle of Friedland in 1807.1875. 

Self-Portrait with headache.1881.

The guide.1883.

Le siège de Paris en 1870.1884 .

L'auberge du Pont de Poissy.1885-89.


The sign painter.

Un homme d-armes et son cheval.

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