Paul Delaroche

 Hippolyte Delaroche (París 1797- París 1859).

Prince de Carignan,the Assault at the Siege of the Trocadero.1828.

The State Barge of Cardinal Richelieu on the Rhone.1829.

Cromwell before the Coffin of Charles I.1831.

The Execution of Lady Jane Grey.1833.

Assassinat du duc de Guise.1834. 

Lord Strafford on his Way to Execution.1836.

Charles I Insulted by Cromwell's Soldiers.1837.

The Conquerors of the Bastille before the Hotel de Ville in 1789.1839.


Napoléon Bonaparte abdicated in Fontainebleau.1845.

Bonaparte Crossing the Alps.1848. 

Charlemagne traverse les Alpes défendu par les Lombards.

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