Winslow Homer

Winslow Homer ( 1836 -1910)  pintor naturalista estadounidense.

Home, Sweet Home.1863. 

The Sharpshooter on Picket Duty.1863. 

The Brierwood Pipe.1864. 

Pitching Quoits.1865.

A Rainy Day in Camp.1871. 

Shipbuilding at Gloucester.1871. 

Three Boys on the Shore.1873.

Waiting for Dad.1873.

A Fish Story.1875. 

Breezing Up.1876.

Camp Fire.1877-78.

The Carnival.1877.

The new novel.1877. 

Watching the Tempest.1881.

The Life Line.1884.

Shark Fishing.1885. 

The Coral Divers.1885.

The Fog Warning.1885.

The Herring Net.1885.


Eight Bells.1887.

For the Farmer's Boy.1887.

Huntsman and Dogs.1891.

After the Hunt.1892.

Hound and Hunter.1892.

Hunter in the Adirondacks.1892.

On the Trail.1892.

The Adirondack Guide.1894.

The Guide.1895.

The Lookout - 'All's Well'.1896.

Canoe in the Rapids.1897. 

Entering the First Rapid.1897.

After the Hurricane, Bahamas.1899.


Osprey's Nest.1902.

Shooting the Rapids.1902.

Diamond Shoal.1905. 

The Gulf stream.1906.

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