Edward Burne-Jones

Sir Edward Coley Burne-Jones (Birmingham, 1833 – Londres,  1898),

The Madness Of Sir Tristram.1862.

The Merciful Knight.1863.

The Wheel of Fortune.1863. 

Laus Veneris.1868.

St. George and the Dragon.1868. 

The Briar Wood.1870-90. 


The Beguiling of Merlin.1874.

The Mirror of Venus.1875. 

The Death of Medusa I.1876-79.

The Golden Stairs.1876-1880.

Perseus and the Sea Nymphs.1877.

The Calling of Perseus.1877-1898.

Tree of Forgiveness.1881. 

The Last Sleep of Arthur in Avalon.1881-1898 

The Last sleep of Arthur in Avalon(detail).1881-1898

Atlas Turned to Stone.1882. 

Perseus and the Graiae.1882. 

The Finding of Medusa.1888-92. 

The Death of Medusa II.1882-98.

King Cophetua and the Beggar Maid.1884.

Cupid's Hunting Fields.1885.

The rock of doom.1885-1888. 

The Baleful Head.1886-87. 

Perseus Cycle 7 The Doom Fulfilled.1888 .

The Heart of the Rose.1889. 

Sir Lanceolot at the Chapel of the Sangreal.1890.

The Failure of Sir Gawaine,Number 4 (tapestry).1890.

The Three Graces.1890-1896. 

The Pilgrim and the Heart of the Rose(tapestry).1890-1901.

Garden Court.1893. 

Sir Galahad.

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