Nicholas Roerich

Nikolái Konstantínovich Roerich. (San Petersburgo 1874 - Himachal-Pradesh, India 1947)

Idols. Sketch.1901.

Overseas guest.1901.

Longships Are Built.1903. 

Slavsonthe Dnieper.1905.

Fairest City.1912.

The Last Angel.1912.
And We Continue Fishing.1922. 
 Ancient Serpent (Serpent of Wisdom).1924.
The Coming One.The Great Rider.1927.

Issa and the Skull of the Giant.1932.
Sophia—the Wisdom of the Almighty.1932. 

Command of Rigden Djapo.1933. 

Descent into Hell.1933. 
Tibet. Himalayas.1933.

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