Lawrence Alma-Tadema

Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema.(Dronrijp,  1836 — Wiesbaden,  1912).Pintor neerlandés

The Massacre of the Monks of Tamond.1855. 

The Crossing of the River Berizina in 1812.1859-69. 

The Death of Hippolytus.1860.

Pastimes in Ancient Egyupe, 3,000 Years Ago.1863.

Egyptian Chess Players.1865. 

Entrance to a Roman Theatre.1866. 

Proclaiming Claudius Emperor.1867.

A Roman Art Lover.1868. 

Phidias Showing the Frieze of the Parthenon to his Friends.1868.

The Flower Market.1868. 

The siesta.1868. 

An Exedra.1869. 

Egyptian Juggler.1870. 

The Vintage Festival.1870. 

A Roman Emperor - Claudius.1871. 


In the Temple.1871. 

Death of the Pharaoh's Firstborn Son.1872.

A Roman Artist.1874 .

Joseph Overseer of the Pharoah's Granaries.1874.

An Audience at Agrippa's.1876.

Ninety four in the Shade.1876.

Architecture in Ancient Rome.1877.

Sculptors in Ancient Rome.1877.


Ave, Caesar! Io, Saturnalia!.1880. 

In the Tepidarium.1881. 


Sappho and Alcaeus.1881.

Antony and Cleopatra.1883.

The Triumph of Titus.1885.

The Women of Amphissa.1887.

The Roses of Heliogabalus.1888 .

A Dedication to Bacchus.1889. 



The Finding of Moses.1904. 

A Favorite Custom.1909. 

Caracalla and Geta.1909.

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